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It's much easier to keep livebearers, Rainbows , African Cichlids, or other fish that thrive in A Few Tips and Pointers – Bowls are for bettas! Not goldfish. period of time or the water parameters are way out of whack, a large water change can kill the fish. Do … Fetch Document

It is a good idea to feed Bettas, and any other fish, a wide variety of foods so they do not become accustomed to the same thing. Many people feed Bettas Brine Shrimp (live and/or frozen) from birth to to four weeks, but this would obviously not be good for the adult Betta and would no doubt kill … Read More

It is a fallacy that bettas do not need to eat at all or not frequently. Chlorine is dangerous and will kill your fish GENERAL CARE ISSUES: • Male bettas should be the only betta in a tank or bowl. This prevents possible tail biting from other … Fetch Doc

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So, the red color of a platy or serpae tetra can be enough to make some bettas aggressive toward fish shaped Infection can set in and kill the victim. However, if injuries are minor, removing the This has the advantage of letting the other fish see and smell the fish, so it won't be viewed … Retrieve Full Source

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Many species of fish do reproduce in freshwater, but spend most of their adult lives in Some other kinds of fish are, on the contrary, born in salt water, but live most of or parts of their Fear of fish; FishBase; Fish kill; Ichthyology; Prehistoric fish … Read Article

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They believe that all other small fish are their enemy. When they are placed in tanks with other fish, the Bettas will attack. They do this because they are afraid of being attacked Too much food can kill your fish. Your Betta’s home will need to be cleaned twice per month. … Document Viewer

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Tropical fish include fish found in tropical environments around the world, including both Reef habitats are a sharp contrast to the open water habitats that make up the other 99% of Fear of fish; FishBase; Fish kill; Ichthyology; Prehistoric fish … Read Article

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Such as angelfish and cichlids in Europe, bettas in spread of Heterosporis as well as the spread of other aquatic invasive species: •Do not discard infected fish at -4 °F for 24 hours (home freezer) will also kill the spores. Until more is known about the susceptibility of other species of fish to … Doc Viewer

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Chlorine normally found in tap water will burn the gills of the betta (or any fish) and kill them. DO NOT use distilled water, it is "too pure." Male bettas are very aggressive towards other males of the species. In fact, they are aggressive to any other fish with eye-catching, flag-like fins. … Retrieve Content

Certain antibiotics will kill the bacteria colonies and cause new tank Things to Remember: • Any fish will eat any other fish that will fit in its Do not mix them with fish that have long fins like Angelfish, Guppies, and Male Bettas. … View Full Source

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Bettas, Gouramis and Paradise fish. Checklist… Equipment: If the filter needs cleaning then do not run it under the tap, any chlorine present may kill the beneficial bacterial The male will fiercely defend this area from all other fish. … View This Document

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The male fighting fish is so aggressive towards other male Bettas that usually only one can be kept in a fish tank. Speak softly around the Bettas and do not tap the container. Try not to move rapidly near the container. … Return Doc

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Males will fight with one another (hence their common name, Siamese Fighting Fish). Females are a bit more tolerant of each other. "I was reading the information that you listed about putting male Bettas in the same one male in the rice pond at a time where they original from and they don't kill … Read Article

But what if you have a couple of really spectacular fish and you're on the anxious side (these fish have been known to kill each other occasionally)? Selecting which Bettas to breed is partially a matter of preference – like which is your favorite color, for instance. … Fetch Doc

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fish to remove chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals which can kill fish. Lastly, as Bettas are most comfortable in water that is not too high (alkaline) or low (acidic) in pH. Sanitation/General Care: Feed fish every day to every other day. It is best, and much less stressful to the fish, to do … Access Content

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Yeah, I think bettas' vary more than any other fish I have ever had. some get a long with platys, some will kill your apple Most bettas will only get along with cory catfish and ottos. However, some do enjoy the company of platys, danios and other peacefull fish. … View Video

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Yeah they want to kill each other uuuhhh ok frist of all those vases are ment for betas if u do a water change once a week 1:07 Add to Super Red Bettas & Dragon Bettas (Fish: Fightin by BuyAPet 195,768 views … View Video

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Without opercula, other methods of getting water to the gills are required, such as ventilation. Fishing; Fear of fish; FishBase; Fish kill; Ichthyology; Prehistoric fish; Schreckstoff … Read Article

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On the amount of waste being produced. 8 – Do not overfeed your fish. It's the fastest way to kill fish Remember that even Bettas (Siamese fighting fish) need heaters in winter. 6 Some fish (seahorses) only eat frozen food needing several daily feedings. Other fish won't tolerate each other in the same … View Document

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Them to breathe atmospheric air, rather than being solely reliant on dissolved oxygen bet-tahs) live in large bodies of still like most other fish. CLIMATE Remember – Bettas are tropical fish – cold and/or fluctuating temperatures can make bettas sick or even kill them. … Retrieve Document