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I would even trust them with Bettas. and unheated 10-gallon tank would make a very nice display. Use a bare bottom tank and plastic plants inaclumpforthe fish to spawn in. The tank should be in alow light area and water temperature 75 to 80 degrees. … Fetch Here

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5:00pm Tank Raffle and Fish Auction A 20-gal tank and a 10-gal tank, O CTOBER A GENDA Live Foods for Bettas Presented by Jim Atchison Saturday, I prefer to use a ten gallon tank for spawning. They are cheap ($10), … Access Doc

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Although they can be kept in a fish tank with other to keep one Betta in a one gallon or larger bowl, or even a small tank. water conditioner must be added first before the fish to remove chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals which can kill fish. Lastly, as Bettas are most … Fetch This Document

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Keepers and Breeders of Siamese Fighting Fish in Northern California Betta breeders use a ten-gallon aquariumto provide we will add 10 ml of … Retrieve Full Source

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About two weeks agoI purchased my first aquarium, a little 10 gallon tank. Fish Photos; Bettas; From Your Guide; Off Topic Chat; Cichlids, Angelfish, Discus; Polls; … Read Article

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(approx. one quarter gallon) or larger. male bettas can live successfully or fish that bettas may must be kept in individual tanks or be the only betta in a community aquarium. female bettas can be kept in a community tank. do not keep male and female bettas to-gether. signs of a … Access This Document

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fish and can only live with few certain fish. Male bettas should not be kept together in the same environment o Small fish tank or bowl will be used inside of the fish bowl for at least 10 minutes. … Fetch Full Source

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Breeding Fish in a Planted Tank Sam has been keeping fish since he was 14 and has enjoyed planted aquariums since he I started adding fish to the pair’s 29 gallon tank. I added 7 female Bettas, one male Betta, 5 neon Some fry were left in the 10 gallon fry tank longer than others. … Doc Retrieval

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And two oto cats in a happy community 10 gallon tank with aqua clear 20 GOSH! clearly your betta is stressing out!! put him in a planted tank with some ghost shrimp and NO FILTER! bettas do NOT like moving 5:14 Add to My 300 Gallon Fish Tank – Oscars and … View Video

And left with a pair of red/blue bettas, a ten gallon tank, a filter, spawned fish in from a 2.5 gallon to a 20 gallon, but the 10 gallon with 3 inches of water works best. … Access Document

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Uploaded by SheetaPally on May 8, 2010 :) Category: Pets & Animals Tags: betta fish bettas betta’s saimes fighting 10 gallon tank 10g crowntail veiltail tail veil crown flare … View Video

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Stocking a 10 Gallon Tank Starting up a new 10 gallon tank requires some skill. Keeping Bettas Together How to Clean a Fish Tank; Siamese Fighting Fish; … Read Article

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So I set up a 10 gallon tank with wall to wall Java Moss, filled . kind of system then try the trick of adding some water from a tank with actively breeding fish to the tanks you want to breed. Bettas 2) Anabantids … Read More

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Male bettas can live successfully in a community tank that does not have aggressive fish (such as tiger barbs) or fish that bettas may become aggressive toward change 10-25% of the total volume of water every two to four weeks, … Fetch This Document

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Betta is almost one year old now and still loving his 10 gallon community tank. all thes betta tanks whith schooling fish, there bettas are always sketched out, … View Video

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Bettas and Killifish. I was lucky to obtain my fish from another club member (10 _Ameca splendens_ fry about 1 month old). so I cull all the obvious RruntsS and transfer the rest of the fry to a 10 to 15 gallon tank to continue to raise them. … Read More

Setting up the Spawning tank I use a 10 gallon tank. Adding the pair to tank. If your bettas aren’t in heated tanks, Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts . … Fetch Doc

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THE FILTER August, 2010 Volume 18 Issue 12 Bowl Show August: 1) Bettas 2) One of these was an Oscar raised in a 10 gallon tank for three years. I put the humpbacked fish in a 200 gallon pond. … View This Document

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Nitrogen Cycle Feeding Fish Fish Profiles Fish Health. Is this to many? what suggestion do you have for me to have at least 4 bettas in a 55 gallon tank.. already aware of having many plants and caves.. please help, don’t want to make a mistake as betta information various on this … Read Article

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Uneaten fish food, They may arrive in a tank as egg bundles hidden in newly acquired plants. A more gentle treatment calls for 5-10 tablespoons of alum to 1 gallon of water for 2–3 days. … Read Article

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Caring for your new pet betta Betta Splendens Bettas are colorful and active fish that are water conditioning you can simply fill your betta bowl with tap water and then add one capful of HBH bowl prep per ½ gallon turkey baster or a cup and gently scoop out 10% of the tank water … Doc Retrieval

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This fish was originally named Ctenops pumilus by J.P. Arnold in 1936. The pygmy gourami is hardy and tolerant of less-than-ideal water conditions in the tank. They will be targeted by male Bettas so they should not be kept with them. … Read Article

THE FISH First of all, we should consider the fish themselves. You THE SPAWNING TANK For a successful spawning and raising of bettas, your best bet is a 10 gallon tank. … Fetch Full Source