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male fish. Betta tanks should not contain anything reflective or be near A single male and a single female should only be kept together for breeding, after which the female should be removed. If they are to be kept with other fish, … View Doc

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Buy two pairs each of male and female Betta fish. That way if one pair doesn't like each other, or there are other problems, you've got a back-up. When they find the right angle and their bodies fit together perfectly, the male will wrap around her and squeeze tightly and lock in place … Access Content

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Are also known as Siamese fighting fish due to the male betta’s extreme aggressiveness toward other bettas. Do not keep males and female together unless both are ready to breed; remove female after spawning Signs of a Healthy Fish Common Health Issues … Doc Retrieval

Body with fins like a female betta, with red, green and blue being the pre- Melano male to a Steel Blue female. (If she carries the gene for Melano, then more and better foods together with lots of clean water, helps to get a pair into … Fetch Full Source

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Choosing and Caring For The Betta Fish but I think they can generally be kept together in the same tank without a divider. and a male betta. In the morning, a ready female (with a white papilla evident at the vent) was added to each jar. … Fetch Full Source

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Although lacking the spectacular finnage of the male, female bettas can be just The female betta would be compatible with my other aquarium Do not keep males and female together Signs of a Healthy Fish Common Health Issues Signs of Illness … Read Content

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Involves the male betta fish€chasing the female in short spurts. Often, the male will nip the female's fins, attempting to entice a badly damaged male or female is noted in the first several hours of being together, this should be a warning that perhaps … View Doc

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With the status of Betta sp. Mahachai being in peril, immediate action must be taken. – These fish will be distributed for a voluntary donation, spawning will color up much the same way the male does. The female approaches in the … Visit Document

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Betta splendens Probably one of the most beautiful of the freshwater fish found in the world, the male Siamese fighting fish (also called Betta) Female Bettas can be kept together if desired, as they are not as aggressive as the males. If you take your time and keep … Access Content

The Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens Resan. minutes and then placed together 1n an . 4 . aquarium which contained the same ; The male courts the female by spreading his fins and opercula and by becoming viVidly colored. … Fetch Full Source

GENETICS OF THE SIAMESE FIGHTING FISH, BETTA SPLENDENSl HENRY M. WALLBRUNN Department of Biology, Male Female Phenotype Genotype (deduced) Phenotypes of offspring Dark Bright Cambodia 100 hence together they deviate on1 v one from the calculated . … Retrieve Doc

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Female betas on the other hand can be kept together. Males can be kept together with Stephen R., Goldstein. "Observations on the Establishment of a Stable Community of Adult Male and Female Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens)." Animal Behaviour. 23, Part 1.0 (1975): 179-85. Print. … Fetch This Document

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Aggressive behavior has been widely studied in the male Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens). males and females live together, although there are territorial disputes (Goldstein, male Betta would display as the female approached, … Fetch Content

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Siamese Fighting Fish Betta splendens The Original wild specimens of the Siamese Either the male alone or both fish together will gather every falling egg in their mouth and place them into the bubble-nest. After more display the male and female will re-embrace and continue to spawn. … Retrieve Here